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Speedmaster Hybrid Poplar Fast Growth

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Speedmaster Poplar

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Fastgrowing Hybrid Poplar
Hybrid Poplars Fast Growing Trees

Speedmaster Poplar Hybrid trees are fast growing trees with good disease-resistance and with fast growth for various uses. It is a good utilitarian tree that has similar uses as the Bigfoot Willow Hybrid, but in the fast growing poplar hybrid form.

These fast growing hybrid poplars are even better for noise control than Bigfoot Hybrid Willows. This is because of the leaves that blow more readily in the wind and create a relaxing white noise, similar to ocean waves along the shore.

They also are going to work great for fast growing shade and for windbreaks and quick growing privacy screens that can use a wide growing tree. 5’ of growth a year is possible with the Speedmaster Hybrid Poplar, with mature heights of around 70’ and 50’ width.