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Fast Growing Trees

Green Arrow Poplar

Green Arrow Poplar Hybrid is a fast growing columnar tree. The fastest growth will be in the first 10 years and at maturity can be 60 feet tall and 6-8 feet in diameter. These fast growing hybrid poplars can be used in situations that need a more narrow tree than my fastest growing tree, The Bigfoot Willow Hybrid.

The Green Arrow Hybrid Poplar is not used for shade purposes. The main uses for this fast growing hybrid tree will be for privacy hedges and also for a quick growing windbreak. For windbreak use, a person can also plant rows of these hybrid poplars with slower growing evergreens. This combination works great for installing a windbreak quickly.

Spacing for this hybrid tree can be the same as my other fast growing tree products, at 3' spacings. If planted in multiple rows, the rows can be staggered and can have a spacing of 5' apart within the rows for this hybrid poplar.