G O L D E N B O A Willow
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Golden Boa Willow

Golden Boa Willow Hybrid is a fast growing tree, which has a lot of desirable attributes for the homeowner. These fast growing hybrid willows combine some of the best characteristics of other ornamental willows.

First, the branches are contorted and twisted like the highly ornamental Snake Willow. Next, the stems are a vivid gold color, like some of the best-colored willow selections. Lastly, these hybrid willows have a small, upright form, so they can fit in smaller residential lots. Their height may max out at 30 feet, so are not too cumbersome in the neighborhood.

When planted close together, these ornamental hybrid willows can be used for fast growing privacy screens in town. If you plant them farther apart, you can also use these small trees to help shade your yard.